Referensi Database Wajah

Beberapa referensi terkait database wajah untuk bahan penelitian sistem pengenalan wajah menggunakan gambar 2D;

1. The BioID Face Database.

2. Sebastien Marcel – Frontal Face Databases

3. Caltech Face Database

4. The CMU Pie Database

5. CMU VASC Image Dataset

6. The AR Face Database

7. Olivetti Research Limited

8. University of Berne, Switzerland Face Database

9. University of Oulu – Physics Face Database

10. The Georgia Tech Face Database

11. The Yale Database

12. The Yale Database B

13. Labeled Faces in the Wild

14. University College Dublin face database

15. University of Sheffield Face Database

16. University of Essex Face Database

17. Indian Face Database

18. The Color FERET Database

19. NIST Mugshots

20. Face in Action (FIA) video Database

21. The MIT-CBCL Database

22. University of Stirling Psychology Department Face Database.

23. Facial Expression Database

24. AT&T Database

25. Image Database for Facial Actions and Expressions.

26. BJUT 3D Face Database

27. Face Video Database of the MPI for Biological Cybernetics

28. A number of databases for Face Detection.

29. CAS-PEAL Face Database

30. VALID Database

31. M2VTS Multi-Modal Face Database

32. Extended M2VTS Multi-Modal Face Database

33. 3D_RMA

34. Equinox

Referensi ini didapat pada Onionesquereality


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